Why Top Ten Percent?


In 2011, TTP CEO/Founder, Jerry Clum decided enough was enough.  He was tired of giving his business to companies that didn't seem to appreciate it.  To him, it felt as though the quality of products and services, customer service and pride in workmanship were not as important as they once were.  He knew there were still many great businesses out there, but no matter how hard he tried to find them, his research methods would seem to fail.  You can call the BBB®, but for the most part you're just finding out who the bad businesses are.  You can check online reviews, but of course many of the reviews are paid reviews and the reviewer had not even done business with the company they were reviewing.  In some cases, the results might even be manipulated by the review sites themselves.  What reviews can you even trust anymore?  Customers, more often than not, seem to only take the time to complain versus taking the time to compliment.

In less than four years, Top Ten Percent has become a national success with franchise locations all over the United States.  Each franchise location has tens of thousands of TTP Consumer Members.  In fact, there are well over half a million TTP Consumer Members nationwide.  These members are loyal, repeat customers of TTP Business Members.  Top Ten Percent digitally connects their Consumer Members to their Business Members through the use of their website, mobile site, Android and Apple Mobile Apps.

Top Ten Percent is a membership driven, digital community of more than half a million consumers in the U.S.  These consumers are dedicated to identifying the top businesses in their community and nominating these businesses.  TTP then evaluates these businesses to determine if they are qualified to be endorsed by TTP as being in the top 10% of their respective industries.  If they pass the assessment, they are recognized by Top Ten Percent and digitally connected to those tens of thousands of TTP Consumer Members in your local area.  TTP Consumer Members will prove to be some of your best customers. They are loyal, repeat buyers of TTP Award Winning Businesses.



Top Ten Percent was founded in 2012.  Jerry began forming a group of like-minded consumers.  Within a few months there were over 12,000 consumers in the group.  This group later became known as TTP Consumer Members.  Consumer Members are individuals who enroll with Top Ten Percent for the purpose of both identifying top-rated businesses they want to do business with and for nominating new businesses they feel deserve inclusion into TTP.  Once a business is nominated, the local franchise owner in that market place evaluates that business against TTP's Selection Criteria.  If they pass the assessment, they are endorsed by TTP as being a business that is in the top 10% of their respective industry.  We refer to these businesses as TTP Business Members.  There are over 300 categories of businesses.  These categories include nearly every type of business which a consumer would ever purchase from.